Never that blank page again

How 3 letters make you write with more impact and in less time.

That blank page, I hate it.

Whether it’s a proposition for a company or for my website, I’ve always found it quite difficult to put my ideas and messages on paper. I’m just not a natural writer.

Which regularly frustrates me, when spending too much time on a particular piece.

What about you? Do you easily fill your pages?
If not, then definitely keep on reading.

A powerful technique

Because, there is one technique which makes me never starting off with a blank page.
I’ve learned it in my first job as a consultant in 2003.

Yes, 17 years ago.

And I think it’s probably the most powerful writing technique I’ve learned so far. Not only because it helps me to get started and it saves me ‘thinking time’. But, this structure supports me to communicate more powerfully as well.

Never that blank page again

And you know what? It’s all about putting 3 letters on your paper:




They stand for Situation, Complication, Solution.
Describe the current situation, what is the complication there and what is the solution you offer?

You can see the structure in this blog as well:

S: I have to write different documents for my work.
C: I’m not a natural writer.
S: The SCS technique makes it much easier.

That’s all.

You can use it in different ways

So, from now on you won’t have any blank pages anymore.
You can always start with SCS. How easy is that?

Plus, you can use this technique in many more ways.
For example, when building a slide deck for a presentation or when your manager fires an unexpected question at you in a meeting.

Give it a try!
I would love to hear back from you.

All my best,

PS: If you would like to bring more focus to your work day in general, then definitely also check out this blog.

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