Get more done in a fun way with a tomato

Do you also have those days when you feel that you’ve worked hard, but did less than you wanted at the end of the day?

Or are you, just like me, postponing actions that you don’t really like?

I have been postponing this blog for two weeks now. Every week it came back on my to do list.

Why? Well, good question…

I find writing blogs not so easy, direct contact with my clients is more important and gives more fun, I’m distracted by email and phone (read Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram etc.). Yes, I could go on like this for ages.

That’s why I have decided today to write this blog on the basis of a technique that I often used a couple of years ago: the Pomodoro Technique.


6 steps

The Pomodoro technique consists of 6 simple steps:

1. The task

Choose a task that you want to have done with. For example, one that is urgent or that you’ve been postponing for some time.

2. Your alarm clock

Set the alarm for 25 minutes. This is one pomodoro.

I use the stopwatch on my phone, but there are also several apps you can download, such as ‘Focus Keeper’ or ‘Flat Tomato’.

3. Work for 25 minutes

Work undisturbedly for 25 minutes with the alarm clock next to you and do everything to realize your pomodoro task.

During a pomodoro block it is important that you don’t allow yourself to be disturbed by anything: no e-mails, phone calls, Whatsapp messages, colleagues coming in, etc.

4. Done

If your alarm goes off, put a check mark on paper.
Yeah! You’ve worked a whole pomodoro on a task.

5. Short break

After a pomodoro you can take a 3-5 minute break. Now you have enough time to give your brain some rest (eg getting a cup of coffee or going to the toilet). After your break get back to work for the next pomodoro.

If your task turns out to last longer than expected there is no problem at all. Pick it up again in a new pomodoro after the short break.

 6. Long break

Go on until you’ve finished 4 pomodoros (2 hours of work). Then you can take a longer break of 15-30 minutes. Exactly enough time for a chat with your colleague and a healthy snack.

Do more in less time

With these 6 simple steps you get more done in less time and in a fun way.

In the pomodoro you really focus on one task and after 25 minutes you have a short break in which you can relax. After that you have fueled energy to focus again for 25 minutes.

This experience is so much better than if you’re behind a complicated excel sheet for 50 minutes at a time.

Bye the way, I wrote this blog in 3 pomodoros. Action -> done √.
Happy with that!

For which action on your to-do-list are you going to use the Pomodoro technique tomorrow?

Other work-life balance tips

You will also notice that with this simple technique you can bring more focus into your work and you get more done in one day. This means you no longer have to open your laptop in the evening. Instead you have time to exercise, to eat with friends or to watch a nice series with your partner. Have fun!

Curious about other tips which directly improve your work-life balance?

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What about that tomato?

Francesco Cirillo, the developer of this technique, used a kitchen timer in the shape of a tomato to focus better while studying at university. Oh yes, and Pomodoro is the Italian word for tomato :).