5 tips so you do get that one thing done

I’m way behind with making photo books which has made me feel guilty.

Maybe I’m old fashioned and probably my children, when they are 18, will think that I am (“Mom, why did you make all these books?”). But I get a much happier feeling looking through a photo book rather than scrolling through photo files on a computer.

And I hope my children will enjoy that experience as well.

But as said, I’m far behind. 3 years to be exactly. Last weekend it started to gnaw again and on Sunday morning I was fed up with the feeling.

And do you know what happened?

On Sunday evening my first photo book was ready.

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That gave me such a positive boost that I thought why not share the steps I followed with you. Because if these work for me, you can benefit from them as well!

So here they are:


1. Pick one task

Pick one task you’ve been procrastinating over and which is the most important for you.

From the many to-do’s at home, I picked the photo book. Because, capturing family memories is more important for me than say painting that wall or clearing out the kids toys etc.


2. Commit

Make a commitment to complete the task in the next week and plan time in your diary to work on that task.

I had planned to work on the photo book over 3 evenings, but, once started, I didn’t need all of that time.


3. Start today with 5 minutes

Did you know that research shows that when people manage to start something they’re more inclined to finish it (The Zeigarnik effect). So, which small easy action, that takes less than five minutes, can you take today?

After breakfast I grabbed my iPad and selected an online program to create a personalised photo book. By the way, I can highly recommend www.papier.com. It was so easy to set up a design, import pictures and add text.


4. Share your accountability

Share what you’re working on with someone close to you and if it helps ask her/him to check in with you during the week.

I was so proud that I had started, that I kept my husband informed about the progress the whole Sunday. It felt like he was a ‘partner in crime’.  


5. Use the Pomodoro Technique

To avoid any distraction (Whatsapp, email etc.) I often use the ‘Pomodoro Technique’. This simply means I work hard on a task for 25 minutes, relax for a couple of minutes and then concentrate again for 25 minutes.
I get so much more done when I work with Pomodoros. You can read all about this great technique in this previous blog of mine.

When my husband and kids went out to play football, I used this time to work on the photobook and after a couple of pomodoros in the evening the photobook was completed 🙂.


So, now you know how you can get that one task done as well.
Which small easy action will you take today?

Have a great week!



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