How would Madonna approach your situation?

Last weekend I was in Bristol and saw the beautiful Bristol Suspension Bridge. The view from each side of the bridge was so different. One side gave me a beautiful view over the city and from the other side I could see the green area of the Leigh Woods National Nature Reserve.

Both perspectives gave me information of the area of Bristol.

It made me think of the coaching I do with women who have the feeling they are stuck.

women coaching

This is just the way it is

We all have times in our life where we feel stuck in our personal life or career:

I have to work at home because my job is just too demanding, the friendship with my best friend is energy draining, my life with small children is just too hectic to do sports, I don’t like my job, but I’m too old for a career change etc.

The feeling of this is just the way it is…

Change your perspective

If you also recognize it yourself, remember this is your perspective, your truth which has been created over time. And it is just one perspective. One side of the bridge.

Albert Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.

So, if you want to conquer the feeling of being stuck, change your perspective.

Explore how, for example, the following people would approach your situation:

Your 95-year-old self
?️A top athlete
?Donald Trump
?‍ One of your best friends
? A 5-year-old
? Madonna

Another perspective, even a hilarious one, unlocks different ways of thinking and feeling. It gives you new insights and options which can help you to move forward.

Have fun!

PS: Curious how coaching could help you to move forward in your career or personal life? I offer women a free coaching session of one hour, so you can experience it for yourself. Of course this conversation is both entirely without obligation and confidential.