The biggest myth about women and networking

When you think about changing jobs or reentering the workforce after a break, it’s good to be aware of one important thing:

The jobmarket is totally different from 10 years ago.

It has developed into a more ‘hidden jobmarket’. Companies are using more low-cost informal methods to fill positions. Social media channels, word of mouth and personal recommendation are widely used.

This makes clear that personal connections are essential in job searching.
And yes, we all know the word for it. It’s called networking.

Recent research[1] (Martens, 2020) shows that women are less aware of their network. And if they are, they do not use it for themselves, either.

That’s where, I’d rather not write it down ;), we can learn a lot from men. Because men use their network consciously to make steps in their career.

But, does that mean women aren’t good at networking?
I think that’s a big myth, because you network every day.

You’re good at it

Maybe you don’t believe it, but you are networking every day. Every time you get in touch with someone and the contact is two-way and has mutual interests you are networking.

It’s actually quite interesting to realise how amazing women are at it.

To give a couple of examples: car-pooling with other parents to take your children to after school clubs, having your plants taken care of when you’re on holiday or organising birthday parties together. Whether it’s family, friends or neighbours we ask them for help to make our lives and our children’s easier.

Do you recognise that?

Well, it’s time you start using that strength for your career as well.

Use your social network professionally

We all love Google to find out what’s available in the world, but as discussed before connecting with others will give you much more information and knowledge about what’s out there for you. And don’t forget the new contacts it will bring you.

So, if you’re looking for a new job send that email to your hockey team, make that phone call with your closest friends or have a coffee with that mum from school.

Do it, this time not only to create a happier personal life, but also to move forward in your work life.

My aim with this blog was to reassure you that networking is not a ‘dirty word’ and essential to get a job you love.

If you’re still on the ‘it’s not for me-fence’, I would love to hear from you!

All my best,

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[1] Martens, J.W.G.M. (2020). De netwerk-kikker wakker kussen: Vrouwen en hun netwerk De betekenis van netwerken in relatie tot de carrière van hoogopgeleide vrouwen [Oration]. Retrieved from