How to finish 2020 strong

Here in England the kids are back to school this week. I’m so happy for them and ourselves.

It feels like a new phase of 2020 has started for us women, because we don’t have to wear that teacher’s or referee’s hat anymore. And we have more time for our careers again.

What are you still hoping to achieve this year?

Goal setting is helpful to move forward and achieve what you want.
A great way to formulate goals is with the SMART-framework:

? Specific: formulate goals as precise and specific as possible (use numbers).

? Measurable: make sure your goal is trackable. What evidence will prove you’re making progress?

? Attainable: set a goal which is challenging and possible with the available resources.

? Relevant: your goal should align with your long-term objectives and personal values.

? Time-based: goals have a clear start and end date.

For example, if you’re thinking about changing jobs and would like to connect with more people, you could turn this into the following SMART-goal:

Between September and December, I reach out to 10 people in my network each month and drink a (virtual) coffee with at least 3 of them“.

Try it for yourself and I’m sure you’ll be celebrating some exciting career successes at the end of the year ✅✅✅!

All my best,

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