Please Help!

I find it difficult to ask for help. Very difficult.

And yes, I already hear your response. What is difficult about that? Well good question…

Because I think I still see it as my own personal weakness. I should know it myself or I should be able to solve this on my own.

But last week I did it and it has brought me so much.

One of my goals

One of my goals for 2019 is to organise a workshop for women who want to take a next step in their (professional or personal) life, but don’t know exactly what they want.

With a workshop I can support more women at the same time than with individual one-to-one coaching sessions.

I would love to organise the workshop together with another female entrepreneur, so that we can inspire each other and therefore also the participants.

Well, I have found a great stylist. She teaches at The London College of Style and is a TV presenter for the BBC shopping channel QVC. And she has a beautiful personal story as well.

In October we will organize this empowerment workshop for women together. I’m very much looking forward to it!

But, I’m also nervous, because I want the participants to go home with as much value as possible.

This is a new challenge in my coaching career, so I already hear the critical voices in my head saying:

“It has to be perfect, because otherwise it will be once and never again”.

But also:

“Don’t worry, you have been a consultant for 5 years and you have organized so many workshops”.

That made me doubt

I asked myself what empowerment I needed to develop the best possible workshop.

Please help_women empowerment

And the answer was clear: be vulnerable and ask for help and tips.

I did so and I am so happy about that!

I have had calls, peer coaches have shared their workshops with me and I have received tips via the WhatsApp.
It’s so heart-warming to see how many people want to help.

The content is incredibly valuable, because it has given me interesting new insights. It has also given me confidence that I am well on track with the ideas I already had.

But above all, this experience helps to develop myself as an entrepreneur and coach. Asking for help, and thereby offering myself the opportunity to get in touch with colleagues and learning new things, is becoming a bit easier this way.

I am curious, what is a topic you would want help with?

Have a lovely Easter weekend!


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