A powerful question when feeling stuck in your work life

Women I work with often come to me feeling stuck and uncertain about the next step in their work life. They want to create clarity about new possibilities and improve their confidence to get started.

Maybe you are in this position yourself as well?

Well, there is one question which I think is super powerful. It helps my clients to break out of the default mode of their current CV.

And that question is: What lights you up?

Feeling stuck in your work life

What lights you up?

I totally understand that, when feeling stuck, this is not an easy question to answer. But, you can probably answer the following questions:

  • What are topics that you love to talk about with friends?
  • What documentaries do you like to watch on tv?
  • If you had 2 minutes to grab a handful of magazines for a holiday, what titles would you buy.
  • If you could study again, what subjects would be on your list?
  • What enjoyable courses have you followed (for work or in your own time)?

Write all the answers down.
Now you have a list of themes that excite you, that light you up.

Let’s play around!

I hear you thinking: Yes, but…

And no, we’re not going down that route. Instead of focusing on what is holding you back, shift to: Yes, I’m curious.

Let’s play around with the themes on your list!
And to make it even more fun ask your partner or a friend to join you.

What ideas can you come up with when you connect your top 3 themes with your top 5 skills? You could even create a matrix. For example:

Matrix new possibilities

There is no right or wrong here. Let your creativity and inspiration flow.

The bigger and extraordinary the ideas the better, because that might generate a great new direction to explore for you.

There is a world of exciting new possibilities out there, which you may never have thought of before. Give it a try!

All my best,

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