What would you like more of in 2023?

For many of us December is a month of reflection which often includes a year-end review at work. Although I’m not a big fan of reviews at the end of the year, as I think everyone should have a couple of career conversations throughout that period, I do think it’s also a great opportunity for appreciation.

Both by your manager and for yourself:

⭐️ What skills have I levelled up?
⭐️ Which of my strengths contributed to the success of the team / the project?
⭐️ Where did my presence make a difference in the process?
⭐️ Which connections have helped me grow?
⭐️ Which themes were fun to work on?
⭐️ What opportunities did I take on?
⭐️ What have I learned and how?
⭐️ What had a positive impact on my work-life balance?

Forget your job description

After having done so, think about what you’d like more of in your job in 2023. Forget your job description and think of what you want.

Because research shows that when you can use your strengths to your advantage and do something you love, the same chemistry changes take place in your brain as when you’re in love.

You’re on fire in a good way!

Crafting a job you love is not self-indulgent

When you find joy and excitement in what you do you’re more productive and resilient in dealing with life’s challenges.

And a manager who develops positions for her/his team members based on their unique abilities will be rewarded with behaviors that are far more efficient and effective than they would be otherwise.

So, don’t feel like crafting a job you love is self-indulgent.
It’s actually an amplifier of your and the organization’s performance.

Happy Holidays!

What would you like more of in 2023Do you feel like it’s time for move in your work life and are you not sure what you want, how to make it happen or lacking confidence? I’d love to chat further!

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