How to create real ‘me time’ as of next week

The last couple of weeks I’ve offered free ‘reload sessions’ to my former clients to give them extra support in these difficult times. What I often heard was that they are longing for more quiet ‘me time’ moments.

Maybe you recognise it as well?

Ok, let me share something with you.

Because, I’m convinced that with these 4 questions you’ll have more ‘me time’ as of next week:

1. What do I really want to do?

First focus on what you love doing instead of thinking of what you should be doing. For example, one of my clients fills her ‘me time’ with running, because she feels she should do that to stay fit. When I asked her what she would love to do, she came up with knitting and reading a book on a bench outside.

Why is this so important? Because doing something which is fun and relaxing for you, brings down the stress (cortisol) levels in your body.
Extra important in these times of uncertainty!

work-life balance

2. What is holding me back right now?

So, you know what you would love to do, but your weeks are filled with other things. What is happening here?
Are you taking up too many of the chores and the home schooling? Does it have to do with your week planning? Or is there a limiting belief that you don’t deserve it, because you have to be there for the family?


3. What will I say NO to?

Let’s be clear, saying YES to more ‘me time’ also means saying ‘NO’ to other things. Because we just can’t do it all. I hear you thinking, yes that’s easier said than done. But, believe me you can do this, too.

For example, think of the contact moments that don’t give you the positive energy you need, such as delegating chores at home or skipping non-compulsory school activities.

So, check your diary and the home-schooling program for next week and say no to at least one activity.

work-life balance

4. What action can I take before 10pm tonight?

And now, it’s time for some action. Think of one small thing you can do today, which will bring you closer to that relaxing moment? For example, buy that book you’ve wanted to read for a long time, ask support from your partner, create a cosy space in your house or download that interesting podcast.

I hope you don’t mind with me adding one action as well ;). Put a recurring block of minimum 30 minutes ‘me time’ during the week in your and the family’s diary.


Oh, and when that little ‘you don’t deserve it voice’ creeps in, remind yourself of the flight attendant’s safety instructions.
If a child is sitting next to you, first place the oxygen mask over your own head and then over the child’s.

In other words, the better you take care of yourself, the better you can take care of others.


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