10 ways to stay committed to your 2022 career goal(s) 

It’s February already!

You probably set yourself a career goal or focus theme for 2022 and have started working on it in January with positive energy. Well done!

Remember that growth or change isn’t a linear process. There will be ups and downs on your journey and that’s totally okay.

Ways to stay committed to your career goals

Important is to stay committed and keep going in the right direction.

Here are 10 ways to help you with that, so you won’t get caught in all the other important things you need to do on a weekly basis.

1. Set SMART goals

Number one is setting smaller goals every week and formulate them as SMART as possible: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. And write them down for yourself. Because, you’re more likely to be productive if you can see what you have to do instead of just thinking about it.

2. Schedule time

We all have such busy work lives, right? If you don’t schedule time for the change you’d like to make, many other things come in between and you won’t make any progress. Make it a priority by allocating time in your calendar and take your high-energy moments into account. Achieving a new goal isn’t easy, so take actions at the moments when you feel at your best.

Schedule time for your career goals

3. Evaluate

After setting smaller goals and scheduling time for working on them, it’s also important to regularly evaluate. Are you making progress? How far have you come? If you haven’t achieved your goal, what can you do differently next week and could someone support you with anything?

And of course, don’t forget to celebrate the successes. Both big and small. This is super important because when you focus on what you’ve achieved endorphins are released in your body and they give you that positive power you need to tackle next week’s goals.

4. Keep your ‘why’ in mind

Bumps and disappointments are all part of your journey. And sometimes you need a gentle reminder of what it’s all for. Zoom out and look at the bigger picture. What is your ‘why’? In other words, what is the purpose, cause or belief that drives you to achieve this career goal this year? It will remind you that you’re on the right path and you just have to keep taking small steps forwards.

5. Set up routines

Routines are a collection of good habits or actions you do on a regular basis to bring order to your day. They give you certainty and reduce stress. Routines help you to reload energy and get you into a productive state of mind.

Whether it’s exercising, a cold shower and drinking tea in the morning or meditating and writing in your gratitude journal in the evening? Find out which routine works best for you.

Set up routines

6. Make use of a visual

A sixth way to stay committed is by putting a visual in front of you. You could for example think about pinning the vision you have for yourself on a pin board.

By seeing this you recommit to what’s important to you each and every day. This will help your brain to keep you focused and you’re more likely to take the actions necessary to create this for yourself.

7. Curate your surroundings

Besides routines you can set yourself up for success by organizing your work surroundings in a good way. Maybe you recognize it as well that you do less when you sit in a noisy open office space the whole day. Or you get distracted by the mess on your desk at home. What does your work environment look like and does it support you in a good way? Which adjustments could you benefit from?

Curate your work surroundings

8. Find a support buddy

Working towards a goal is so much easier and more fun when you do it together. Find someone who gives you the positive energy you need, who is encouraging and inspiring for you and is someone who says: “Yes, you can!”.

Besides that, this person can be your sparring partner and can hold you accountable.

Who could be a support buddy for you?

9. Practice self-compassion

When things don’t go as you were hoping for, talking to yourself with self-compassion is more beneficial than criticizing yourself.

Self-compassion means applying the same understanding and kindness we have for other people to ourselves. When you have self-compassion, you are kind and forgiving of yourself. You acknowledge that you’re also “only human after all”. Take a step back and look objectively at your situation and you proactively take steps to improve your situation.

Practice self compassion

10. Stay inspired

The final way to stay on track with your goal(s) is seeking out external inspiration. Look for podcasts, TED-Talks or books of people who inspire you.  If you fill your mind with uplifting and inspiring information, it will keep you motivated.

So here you have them!
10 ways to stay committed to your 2022 career goal(s).

And of course, you don’t have to apply them all at the same time. Definitely give each one of them a try and then just choose the way(s) that work best for you.

Which one will you start with first?

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